Photographic Skin Analysis

Know the status of your skin with Adonia! Naz'Rene Clinic & Skincare is the premier facility in the Ghana to offer high-tech computer skin analysis using the Adonia Skin Analysis System. If you have ever wondered what the long-term effects of UV and acne have had on your face, it’s time to talk with us about an evaluation using Adonia.

Created by worldwide digital imaging leader FotoFinder Systems, Adonia combines 180° full-face high-resolution imaging with powerful skin analysis software for analyzing:

  • pores
  • redness/sensitivity 
  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • skin evenness
  • UV damage from the Sun

Upon the results of your analysis, Naz'Rene Clinic & Skincare is able to recommend a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan to counteract any damage. The best part? Comparing your “after” images from Adonia once you have received treatment. See it for yourself with Adonia.

Book your appointment today and get your skin analyzed to begin your path to your healthiest skin! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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