Chemical Peels

Fight Acne and Hyperpigmentation with Chemical Peel Treatments at Naz'Rene Clinic & Skincare

A  chemical peel enhances and smoothes the texture of the skin. It is an effective treatment for facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation. Chemical peels can exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin, revealing a new skin layer with improved tone, texture, and color.

In addition to full facial rejuvenation, certain types of skin peels can also be used for spot treatments and as a way to remove stretch marks or rejuvenate skin elsewhere on the body. The chemical peel is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world and was performed in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to help people achieve smoother, more beautiful skin.

Today this Ancient beauty secret is now in vogue because it offers nearly immediate results and at Naz'Rene Clinic & Skincare you have the option of choosing the following types of light and medium peels:

  • Salicylic Acid - great for oily skin, skin with acne and cystic conditions
  • Glycolic Acid - a flexible peel with anti-aging and acne/blackhead clearing benefits
  • Lactic Acid - ideal for people who have very sensitive skin
  • Kojic Acid based peel -  skin complexion benefits that can be used for dark spots and freckles 

How Do I Schedule a Microdermabrasion Course of Treatments?

Naz'Rene Clinic & Skincare’s medical skin care team delivers high tech, innovative, effective and minimal downtime ways to achieve beautiful and healthy skin. If you’re looking for more information on how Chemical peels can play a major impact in helping you reduce fine lines and signs of premature aging, acne and more, don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment for a consultation. The Naz'Rene Clinic & Skincare office in Kanda, Accra, Ghana can be reached at +233(0)572780776 or +233(0)302906393.